The Wegge brothers is known for creating shows, there’s often a lot of energy and circus. We have had the weggebros.com website in a few years, where we’ve posted images, text, film and simple clips of different activities we do. Activities fills much of our lives; surfing, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, climbing, paragliding, speed riding, kayaking, slacklines, highlines and other active and extreme adventures. But the most important thing for us is to have fun, spread good energy and explore new horizons. Here comes the calmer part in: the reflective, philosophical. -The simple outdoor life, the reflections and attitudes that characterize a large part of us.

We grew up with outdoor activities. Board sports arrived early in our lives, and we have developed a playful way of doing different activities.

In recent years we have lived a little spread out over Norway, Inge based in Lofoten, Markus studied outdoors/wildlife in Telemark and Håkon has been climbing and snowboarding in a school in Gol. Some times we have all got the same feeling: «There is no one who is as excited as us!» It results in an activity-boom when we meet. Then it’s out with the boards, rigging up pendelum jumps, climbing, skiing, surf, etc!

Inge Wegge (1986): Is a graduate of Nordland Art and Film school. In 2010-2011.
I made the documentary and web series North of the sun, and since then I have worked as a freelance photographer for various TV productions. Otherwise I try to spend much time in Lofoten. There I find mountains for skiing and snowboarding, fly paraglider and climbing. And there are good waves for surfing. My dream, as I feel that I am living now, is to combine activities with my job, being able to share my adventures, and being able to be a film and tv photographer which can do the more extreme missions in the mountains and the sea.

Markus Wegge (1987): Completed Bachelor of adventures guidance at Telemark, Bø in 2012. One of the last missions of the study was a 2-week stay in Svalbard, a tour on cross country skis with sledges for all the equipment. My bachelor thesis was on low carbohydrate diet on winter trips. I have also lived periods in Lofoten, and feel a connection to the north. My activities and hobbies are mentioned, but the «more» simple outdoor life has been filling my life more. Canoeing on the river, sea kayaking, glacier (trained instructor) and accident management in the different habitats are areas where I have gradually gained some experience.
Diabetic and concerned about food!
Lives in Kabelvåg, Lofoten, with a wife (and soon a child) and a good bunch of animals.

Håkon Wegge (1992): Finished the folk high school in Gol 2012. Been racing in the Norwegian Cup and World Cup in downhill longboard with good results. Got a 2. place in the World Championships in 2010 and 1. place in the Norway Cup 2011. I’m also an active climber and snowboarder. I wrote my “year assignment” in the Waldorf high school about boredom, where I tried to find out what boredom is, and why we experience boredom. Is it boring to sit a whole evening and just look into the flames of a campfire deep in the woods?

«I am very happy to be outside, often I go out in the woods or on the mountain, to sleep there a night or two, and then go to school the next day. A sleeping bag, some food and matches is enough, summer and winter! «

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